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Heritage and Rare Poultry - Ducks

Ancona Ducks

Ancona Ducks Ancona ducks are an all purpose breed. They grow fairly quickly and weigh around 6-6.5 lbs. Anconas will lay between 210-280 eggs per year and can be white, cream or blue. Duck eggs are high in protein and are excellent for baking and eating. Their meat is very flavorful and less fatty than most Pekin ducks. Anconas make a good small farm or homestead duck as they tend to stay close to home and do not fly. They have a calm personality and make good pets. Although Anconas come in a variety of colors, we here at MLH raise the black and white variety. Ancona ducks are listed as critical on the conservation list with ALBC.

We should have eggs available late spring.